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Personal Service Law Firm, Bankruptcy, Family Law, Criminal Law, Personal Injury

Personal Service Law Firm

The Law Offices of Paul D. Spear is an experienced, personal service law firm dedicated to taking on your difficult and stressful legal issues, enabling you to focus on the more meaningful things in your life. We understand your needs and will work hard to resolve your situation through the most effective means available.

Our attorneys will meet with you personally and will work side by side with you throughout your representation. We know our clients and our clients know us. We maintain a close relationship with you on every case and provide compassionate guidance and advice with legal experience of over 25 years.

Our general law practice includes the following areas:

The Law Offices of Paul D. Spear is an established firm and our lawyers maintain the highest level of legal proficiency and ethical standards.

For a free initial consultation, or to discuss your specific case, contact the Law Offices of Paul D. Spear of the San Fernando Valley in Chatsworth today at (877) 327-5291 / 8-SPEARLAW-1.

Recent Blog Posts

Distracted Driving Responsible for Deaths and Serious Personal Injuries

Virginia Tech Transportation Institute’s study determined tasks that drew the drivers eyes away from the road had the highest risk of all driving while distracted actions. Reaching for an object made the risk of a crash or near-crash event 1.4 times as high as non-distracted drivers. Talking or listening to a cell phone was 1.3 times as high as non-distracted drivers to be involved in an accident. Dialing a cell phone made the risk of crash or near-crash 2.8 times higher than non-distracted drivers.

Some IRS tax claims CAN be discharged in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The government has a public policy interest in enforcing bankruptcy law which is designed to allow debtors “a fresh start” by discharging qualified debt and allowing them to become financially viable members in society. A conflicting government interest is the collection of taxes. Tax dollars are the primary revenue source for government and clearly it is extremely motivated to ensure collection.

Free Speech

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has again attempted to clarify the boundaries of “free speech” in Anderson v. Hermosa Beach, 08-56914, the most recent ruling in long string of federal free speech jurisprudence. The law at issue was a Hermosa Beach City Ordinance banning the operation of tattoo parlors within city limits. The constitutionality [...]


You might have heard someone refer to Oregon, or another US state, as a “no-fault” accident state. What does that mean? No fault coverage comes into play when making a car accident claim on your auto insurance policy. Oregon law mandates personal injury protection benefits, commonly referred to as PIP benefits, in all policies. PIP [...]

California Driving Under the Influence (DUI/DWI)

An arrest for DUI can turn an accused drunk driver’s life upside down and push his or her sanity to the limit.  The accused motorist is required to suddenly learn the California criminal court system while acting quickly to protect his or her driver’s license. Upon an arrest for a DUI in California, two separate legal cases are immediately [...]