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Restraining Orders (TRO)

Your Restraining Order (TRO) Attorneys 

Obtaining a Restraining Order

Every family that deals with domestic violence concerns faces different challenges, as well as incidents of violence done by others. We will act quickly to develop a plan aimed at assisting you in not being the victim of additional violent crimes, and keeping your family safe.


You can get a temporary order on your own. If you need advice about how to go about doing this, call us at (877) 327-5291/8-SPEARLAW-1 and we can help. After the temporary order has been granted, we will represent you in the hearing that will be scheduled within a few weeks of the issuance of the temporary order, at which time we will seek a permanent restraining order.


In this hearing, we can present evidence to the court that supports your petition for a restraining order, as well as a removal order (kick-out order) if that is necessary.


Contesting a Restraining Order

In a domestic dispute, one of the parties may make false or exaggerated claims of domestic violence in order to gain an advantage. The issuance of a restraining order against a person can have serious implications, particularly in regard to child custody and visitation rights.  Being falsely accused of violent crimes carries with it significant consequences.  By contesting your restraining order, you can go a long way in protecting your future parental rights.


The Spear Law Firm will vigorously defend your rights in the restraining order hearing. If it is not possible to avoid the issuance of an order, it may be possible to obtain a mitigated outcome.

Free Consultation
For more information, or to discuss your specific case, contact the Spear Law Firm of the San Fernando Valley in Tarzana today. Call Today for a free consultation toll free at (877) 327-5291 / 8-SPEARLAW-1, or (818) 344-5100.  The Los Angeles Criminal Atty / Van Nuys Criminal Atty you can rely on.