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Child Support

Your Child Support Attorneys

 When parents do not reside together, usually one parent must provide additional support to the other to pay for expenses related to the child.  The amount of child support paid by a parent primarily depends on the monthly net incomes of the parents, the percentage of custody, and the number of children present in the household.  Ideally child support in California assumes that parents pay equally for their children relative to their income.  Other factors considered are medical insurance, childcare expenses, and hardship expenses, to name a few.

The formula for calculating child support is extremely complicated, and the amount of support will ultimately be determined by the court once all relevant information has been provided.  Most California attorneys utilize the DissoMaster software program to determine the estimated monthly child support payment.  An experienced attorney is familiar with the use of DissoMaster and is able to come reasonably close to the amount that will be eventually ordered by the court.  Although several other factors are considered, usually child support is paid until the child reaches 18 years of age.

Child support issues are one of the most highly contested issues in family law.  The amount of support paid can vary substantially depending upon the information entered into the formula.  It is important to hire an experienced attorney, familiar with the complex intricacies used for the calculation of support.  Our attorney shares the state’s position that parents should support their children, and our primary consideration is that the amount of support is fair and warranted.

Modification of Child Support

Circumstances change over time and what was once a fair and proper amount of child support may become unreasonable and burden the entire family.  The court’s primary consideration is to act in “the best interest of the children” and it understands that parents need an avenue to modify the amount of their support payments when changes in their home make it necessary.  The courts is also are aware that all too often parties use the legal system for frivolous or for vengeful purposes and as a matter of public policy they attempt dissuade any improper uses.

As a means of balancing the courts concerns, it requires that a party must establish, in court, that there has been “a substantial change of circumstances” in their household which warrants a return to court for a right to present evidence and argue for a modification of the existing order.

To establish the threshold that rises to “a substantial change of circumstances” is complicated and requires more than simply a desire to spend more time with the child.  There must be a showing of unemployment, or a career change, or medical issues which substantially affects the household to warrant the change.

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Child support and modification orders are extremely delicate and complex matters and must be handled by knowledgeable and aggressive attorneys who are willing to fight for their clients.  The attorneys at the Spear Law Firm are experienced in custody and modification issues and understand what is required by the court and know the strategies that are necessary and are willing to go to battle to get what you deserve.

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